huner x Hp76


Happy holidays month!

We're getting a leg up on our New Year's resolutions by starting in December and finally beginning a new series we've been so excited about!

Each month we're going to feature a new friend, how they're using and loving their upcycled huner bags ♻️

So meet our guest of the month: Brazilian Dj Hp76 aka HpSauce 🎧

Hp76 or Helio as known to us, is based in Berlin and likes to keep it old school by playing straight from records. His passion for Brazilian records is an ongoing project and he is always digging gems awaking a sound from a forgotten era.We took a walk through Cihangir, Istiklal Street and Galata, stopping by at his favorite treasure chests in Istanbul, Deform Music and Analog Kultur

Watch the video above to join us on a day in the life of Helio Pelosi and see his favorite pieces from our sustainable sailcloth pieces ⛵



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