brand glossary


Dead stock refers to any unused and unsold items which are lying in a warehouse or a store for a long time. Also deadstock fabric and unsold inventory are weighing down the fashion industry, which is responsible for 10 per cent of the world's carbon emissions. Companies looking to solve this problem are collecting unused fabric and finding places to sell excess inventory.

We use deadstock material to compliment our main material in a way to make our goods more durable and visually appealing. Since many people do not prefer to utilize lots of color in their living spaces, we get to pick from the best of what the rainbow offers when we go deadstock shopping.

ethically sourced

A product or material has been sourced from people who are cared for, respected and fairly paid for their work and product.

We work with highly skilled crafts people and it is important for us that while they help us bring our vision to life, we can do our best to support them to the best of our abilities.


Handmade as an item made by hand or by a hand process not by machine.

All of our bags' pieces are hand drawn, hand cut and assembled one by one by skilled crafts people. This ensures we can deliver the highest quality each time.

limited production run

A way of producing goods where each run is made up of a small amount of items, either by a pre-order method or by replenishing stocks as one runs out.

We choose to produce only in small, limited edition runs to ensure that our bags are made to the highest quality and that each one is as unique as the person who will purchase it.

one of a kind

The only thing of a particular type, unique. In an ever homogenizing society, it is our priority to offer one of a kind goods to our customers.

We ensure this by using different kinds of sails, colors of trims and of course by stamping each bag with a number unique to that bag.


Recycling is the process of breaking down and reusing materials that would otherwise be thrown away as trash. By recycling, people can prevent millions of tons of material from entering landfills, saving space for garbage that cannot be repurposed.

Different from our main principle of design, upcycling and recycling are processes that fragmentize material in order to make it usable again.

recycled packaging

This is packaging made of materials that are used again, usually after processing.

We only use recycled cardboard boxes for our shipping purposes that are not only durable enough for the journey but also can be reused in the customers' daily life.


There is no universally agreed definition of sustainability. In fact, there are many different viewpoints on this concept and on how it can be achieved. Nowadays, sustainability is usually defined as the processes and actions through which humankind avoids the depletion of natural resources, in order to keep an ecological balance that doesn’t allow the quality of life of modern societies to decrease.

Although the concept of sustainability is highly diluted these days, we feel it is extremely important for everybody to embrace some form of it in their business and daily lives in order for our planet to survive. Our main goal in being a sustainable company is to follow principles of upcycling and zero waste design.


To openly share and provide access to information about our business.

It is extremely important for us to include our customers in the process of creation here at huner, so we routinely share the background of the business, including production and even how we prepare packages!


Upcycling is a creative process where waste is looked at as a resource, an act of taking something no longer in use and giving it a second life and new function. In doing so, the finished product often becomes more practical and valuable.

There is so much raw material manufacturing already. Our main goal is to create from materials that already present on earth, not having anything virgin produced for us.


Veganism is currently defined as a way of living that attempts to exclude all forms of animal exploitation and cruelty, be it from food, clothing, or any other purpose.

We do not use any material derived from animals in the making of our bags.

zero waste

Zero Waste is a set of principles focused on waste prevention that encourages the redesign of resource life cycles so that all products are reused. The goal is for no trash to be sent to landfills, incinerators or the ocean.

We aim to have a zero waste design process. We utilize our materials as efficiently as possible by cutting our larger pieces first then smaller and smaller until we have only scraps left. Then we repurpose those scraps for collaborations or art pieces.

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