the designer

Born in Istanbul and raised by a flock of inspiring women, Hüner Aldemir is the daughter of a storyteller mother and an architect father. With the importance of across-the-board good aesthetic instilled in her from a very young age, her earliest aspiration of becoming a belly dancer quickly gave way to a love for creating anything and everything from the pile of scrap fabrics found at her paternal aunt's house.
Following in this path for the next decade, she received her BFA in Fashion Design from Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, NY and got the chance to present her senior collection to industry professionals. Upon her graduation, she apprenticed with designer Peter Som in New York and later worked at various e-commerce platforms in Istanbul, discovering an unexpected love for spreadsheets and the business of fashion along the way. This desire "to know" everything comprehensively comes in handy during her travels and leads to strangers asking her for directions wherever she goes.
In 2021 she founded ferah as a sister brand to huner, following in its sustainable footsteps but this time focusing on making genderless, biodegradable basic ready-to-wear pieces from handloomed, organic cotton Şile cloth. Follow ferah's journey on its website and on Instagram.

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