the product

This is not a dainty bag.

You should still play nice, but you're meant to add to its story just as much as it accompanies yours. Each sail comes with its own unique combination of travel anecdotes, from rust to seaweed to salt, which are meticulously positioned while cutting each piece. Cherish the fact that no other person on the planet will have the same bag as yours and add your own mark to its life cycle.

Toss it into the hot sand when you're too excited to jump in the ocean. Take it out on a rainy Sunday stroll. Bring it with you on your daily commute, have your subway neighbor's coffee spill on it.

Just make sure you include it in your journey.

The bags are also:

  • handmade
  • waterproof
  • one-of-a-kind
  • sustainable
  • upcycled

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